Revelation Church Coeur d'Alene

God is not hidden.

Revelation Church is a group of people seeking to know Jesus and make him known in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Matthew 14:1-12

Matthew 14.1-12.jpg

King Herod was on a path towards destruction that he could have turned from, but he didn't. King Herod serves as a warning to check our hearts for indwelt sin.

Matthew 12:22-32


Jesus uses a confrontation with the Pharisees to make it very clear that there are only two kingdoms that we can choose to be a part of: the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of The Satan.

Matthew 11:20-27

Jesus starts to make us a little uncomfortable when he pronounces a set of woes on some Israelite cities, but these are hard sayings that we need to hear and take note of.

Matthew 11:7-19

We bring a lot of expectations to our relationship with Jesus. He carefully draws us back from them in his message to the crowds in Matthew 11.