Revelation Church Coeur d'Alene

God is not hidden.

Revelation Church is a group of people seeking to know Jesus and make him known in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

core values

prayer is primary

In the Old and New Testaments, God commands his people to pray. He challenges us to rely on him. He also says that when we ask he answers. We are people who believe this. This believe causes us to rely on prayer as the first order of business for the church and the fountainhead of every ministry, program, initiative and outreach that we do.

Submitted To scripture, humbly

We believe that the Old and New Testaments are the written word of God. They are authoritative and infallible in everything that they teach. However, we also recognize that the documents contained therein were not written for 21st century Americans and we don’t always understand them correctly. We are committed to trusting the word of God while maintaining humility in our interpretation of the text. Great men and women of the faith have struggled over a multitude of secondary doctrines for many hundreds of years. We will not likely be the first generation to figure it all out.

honesty and authenticity

Christians are called to be honest people. We are to live “in the light.” This requires a sometimes scary level of authenticity. We express this by being honest about sin and struggle, creating an environment strong enough to support personal doubt and encouraging a reliance on the grace of God and the person and work of Christ for our self-worth.

kindgom-focused stewardship

Jesus has a lot to say about what we do with our financial resources. It is easy to spend money in many different ways for many different reasons. We believe that we must make wise use of our limited resources, investing in a vision that focuses on building up treasures in the kingdom of God. As we plan and budget each year we want to commit as great a percentage of our budget as possible to the work of discipleship and outreach, making sacrifices in other areas in order to be generous in these things.


The Church of Jesus Christ is large and diverse. We are one of many bodies of believers faithfully living out the great commission in our city. We will be proactive in keeping the unity of the body of Christ in our city.